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Be One in a Million!


Our world contains special people who dedicate their lives to helping others. We cherish these people as they go through their lives taking steps that make the lives of others safer, better, and more enjoyable. They quietly go about their business doing good works and generally are not interested in a lot of publicity for what they are doing. They are loved by many for their good works and we call them "one in a million," but that is not really true because if we really begin to talk with people we find that most of us are dedicated to helping others in one field or another. Most people are pretty nice folks who are interested in helping others.


Instead of being one who helps within a million others who do nothing, it is really more accurate that they are one in a million people who are all devoted to helping others live better.

We at the AHVMA Foundation are kicking off our ONE IN A MILLION campaign. We represent millions of people who use complementary and alternative, integrative health care on themselves, their families, friends and animals. There is power in numbers if those numbers agree to do simple things. If we shared an idea and agreed to participate and generated a group of one million people, and If each of us just donated ONE dollar a month for twelve months, then in one year we would have exceeded our research goals. We would have a 12 million dollar fund for use in researching these techniques. That is really important. It could change the way we practice medicine.
We could fund over 30 major studies with that money. It could save your pet's life or even open research that might impact the health care of our children and grandchildren.

  • Imagine a study where we learned which foods were appropriate for treating which chronic diseases.
  • Imagine going to your doctor and having information in hand that could be useful in addressing a condition with no known solutions. Are there herbs that might decrease your pet's discomfort or bad reactions to chemotherapy? Can herbs and nutritionals assist or harm during radiation therapy? Can we prevent cancer or slow its progress with special diets? Those are answers that come from this research.
  • Imagine a group funded by its members that simply acted to find and share information about natural healing for animals.
    Imagine if that group was not beholden to government or to pharmaceutical companies but only to its members. Wouldn't that be nice?
    If we can imagine that then we can choose to act in ways that make it happen.

The dream has begun, and we are proud to announce our first One In A Million member, Ms. Abby Bluestone. Ms. Bluestone currently works as a talent agent, and in recent years she has helped guide young actors like Amanda Seyfried (from "Mean Girls" to "Mamma Mia!," and "Les Misérables"), Nina Dobrev ("Vampire Diaries"),  and Britt Robertson ("The First Time" and "Secret Circle"). As it happens, many of her clients are steady-working adults, such as Mary McDonnell and Jessica Walter, and she aims to steer her teen thespians toward similar success.

Abby is known for making her clients feel welcome and safe. She is a nurturer. "It's very important for the people I work with to feel nurtured and loved, and I try to do that for them." And as a dog owner and animal lover Abby is second to none. She knows the joy of love, and the agony of losing a pet to chronic disease. Her story about her beloved Blu is in the Inspiring Stories section of our Foundation Web site. (read it at

Abby was the first person to join the AHVMA Foundation Community Advisory Council and is the first to participate in the One In A Million campaign. She and Blu so exemplify what we are doing that we selected Blu as the icon for our AHVMA Foundation Facebook page. (!/AHVMAFoundation)

"I know how much this kind of medicine can benefit people and animals. When I first heard about it I didn't know what to expect but when Blu developed lymph cancer and the chemotherapy nearly killed her, I knew there had to be a better way. I found a veterinarian who knew integrative medicine and Blu lived a lovely life until the cancer grew out of control. I think it is absolutely critical that we help the Foundation in its mission, so I am working with them to get the word out and to encourage everyone to participate. Tell all your friends that this is the cool thing to do. Sign up, donate your twelve bucks and sign up your dog or cat, too! It's crazy that for the cost of a couple coffees we can change medicine. Let's do it."

I've known Ms Bluestone for many years and I was so pleased to see her jump on this campaign. Let's join her in her enthusiasm. Sign up on the AHVMA Foundation Web site. (Click here to see the donation page) Tell all your friends. Cheer when they join and  encourage them to spread the world. And if you follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook we promise to post good news and important research developments for you and your pet.  Don't leave Abby alone in the circle. Let's get her a million friends to play with.
When this is done we can have one heck of a party and someone will get some awards. It might be you.  I am going to join right now and I'm signing up 200 people.  Come and join us!!!

Richard Palmquist, DVM, Co-Director AHVMA Foundation

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